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The Fleece Factory of the Rockies - Sandwalker Ranch LLC

We process alpaca, llama, wool and many other types of exotic fiber.  


  • 50% Deposit is required.

  • There is a 3 lb minimum charge incoming and outgoing for fiber checked in at/under that weight.

  • All prices are subject to change.

  • Other charges may apply.

  • Sheering
    Alpaca/Sheep/Llama (seasonal) Call for scheduling and pricing
  • Sorting and Grading
    $8/Fleece $15/Fleece (Mill Processing)
  • Skirting and Fiber Prep
    You must skirt out what you do not want in your product. REMEMBER: the cleaner you send it in, the cleaner it will come out. We do not guarantee all vegetation debris will come out. Skirted fiber (PERK FIBER) is kept for rug yarn or felting. $30/hr (skirting for machineability NOT cleanliness) Learn more about your fiber - Free skirting classes are available
  • Fiber Processing (INCOMING)
    Wash and Pick $10.50/lb Wash process includes: evaluation of fleece, opening fleece, tumbling, double wash, rinse and picking. Wash and Pick - Suri, Locked, and Extra Dirty $11.50/lb Dehairing/Deveg Service Level 1 - Included in incoming price (Carder) Level 2 - $10/lb 1 pass on dehairer one roll (or second carder pass) Level 3 - $15/lb 1 pass on dehairer two rolls
  • Fiber Processing (OUTGOING)
    Carding to Roving $23.50/lb Card to Batt $23.50/lb Drafted Roving $25.50/lb Wool Roving $16.00/lb Wool Batt $16.00/lb Woll Drafted Roving $17.00/lb
  • Yarn
    200 yard skeins (hanks) unless otherwise requested Laceweight - Fingerling 2-ply $35lb Exotic 2-ply $37/lb Sport - DK 2-ply $33/lb, 3-ply $35/lb, Exotic 2-ply $35/lb, 3-ply $37/lb Worsted - Bulky 2-ply $33/lb, 3-ply $35/lb, 4-ply $36, Exotic 2-ply $35/lb, 3-ply, $36/lb, 4-ply $37/lb Bulky Single, Coreless Specialty $36/lb Rug Yarn - $11/lb Standard "loose side of tight" or slightly overspun variegated/solid color/blended (heathered)
  • Specialties
    Needle Felting $27/lb from Batts (standard 50" x ___ (2 lb min) or other Needle Felting Custom (one hour min) Price TBD Recombing of Roving (Must be approved, ESP dyed) $25/lb (min one pound) Blending $11/lb Customer provides fiber, must go through processing
  • Additional Services
    Recomb Roving $25/lb with a minimum of 1 lb (recomb roving that has been dyed or jumbled, must be approved) Cut $25.00/hr This service allows for proper fiber sizing and to remove felted fibers. Extra Wash $8.00/lb This is in addition to our regular wash process. Not your wash process. Blending $11.00/lb Customer provides fiber, must go through processing Dehairing $6.00/lb per pass
  • Fiber Analysis Report, Sorting and Grading
    Go beyond Fleece Judging! This is a full analysis of each fleece, just like at shows. Each fleece is sorted, graded and properly batched. We highly recommend this service. It benefits your breeding program and product quality. $15.00/fleece $7.50/fleece (if processing at our mill)

Print and complete the Check-in form (one for EACH bag of fiber).

One bag for the blanket, one bag for the neck and legs and one for skirted fiber.

The check-in form will be reviewed with each customer upon receipt.

Print and sign a copy of the terms.  Each order requires a signed copy.

We are not taking in new orders until January 2024  We look forward to serving our customers with their future check-in.

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