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This hat style has a crown that is 3 1/2 inches high and a flat top to the crown. Although this hat is called Amish, it is also very useful for many styles of men's and women's hats through the ages.

With vision, and the addition of spectacular brims, this crown is so very versatile for any hat maker. The smaller size Amish hat is basically the same crown used in many children's styles during the late 1800's such as a the one that little Lord Fauntleroy wore or the famous Blue Boy.

Boaters, Pork Pies, Quaker Style, Tricorne or Bicorne, Napoleans, and Cavaliers are just some of the examples of what might be created on the Amish Style Hat Shaper.


Hat form made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is a plastic very resistant to impact, an amorphous thermoplastic.  They are excellent for forming, blocking, drying and storing your felt hats. They are very strong and can withstand the process of creating felt hats. They are designed to be used with "steam and heat".


Give us a call for additional sizes or questions.

XX-Small203 1/8
X-Small213 1/4
Small21 1/23 1/4
Medium22 1/23 1/2
Large23 3/43 1/2
X-Large24 1/43 1/2



Hat Form - Amish (Large)

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