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The stories tell us that in 1865, the son of a Philadelphia hat maker named J.B. Stetson, created the first cowboy hat. Although his first attempt, made in the wilderness, was not similar to this one, the designs took many different directions often reflecting on the part of the country the cowboy was from.

There were hats for different occasions if they could be afforded. Our style, perhaps a generalized concept of a dressy western hat, will afford the maker a wonderful and consistent style of a western hat.


Hat form made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is a plastic very resistant to impact, an amorphous thermoplastic.  They are excellent for forming, blocking, drying and storing your felt hats. They are very strong and can withstand the process of creating felt hats. They are designed to be used with "steam and heat".


Give us a call for additional sizes or questions.

Small215 1/4
Medium22 1/25 1/2
Large23 1/26   
X-Large24 1/26 1/2
XX-Large25 1/26 3/4



Hat Form - Classy Western (Medium)

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