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8 oz.

Cashmere is famously luxurious because of the effort that goes into the manufacturing of the material; the wool is combed from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat, sometimes referred to as the Cashmere Goat. This particular breed of goat is only found at extremely high altitude, famously in the Himalayas. Cashmere is luxuriously soft, with high napability and loft. Suitable to be blended with wool to create a heavenly blend with added loft and softness. 

The downside to true Cashmere fiber is that for some it is too expensive, thanks to man-made technologies now people can experience the joy of cashmere at a fraction of the price! This Faux Cashmere Roving has many of the qualities of true cashmere such as the way it feels and its handle. The process of stretching the nylon fibers extremely thin creates a down-like fiber that is remarkable. The resulting product feels just like cashmere and is just as soft. This fiber dyes beautifully and is a TRUE white. Words can not express the feel of this fiber! Try it out for yourself and include it in your next spinning or blending project!

Faux Cashmere

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