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The Oxford Punch Needle is a joy to use!  Punch needle rug hooking is easy to learn, allows limitless creativity, and works up so quickly that it’s been described as, “Instant gratification with wool!” Here’s why our punch needles are so highly valued by our customers:

  • Make Quality Hooked Rugs With the Punch Needle Method of Rug Hooking

  • Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Speed

  • Maple Handle

  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel Needle

  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

  • Designed by Punch Needle Expert Amy Oxford

  • Works Beautifully With Many Different Weights and Varieties of Yarn

  • Excellent for Use With Yarn, Cut Strips of Wool and Other Fabrics

  • Made in the USA


Tips & Tricks and more at Frequently Asked Questions


Make quality hooked rugs with the punch needle method of rug hooking. The size #10 Fine needle forms a 1/4" loop and is designed for use with worsted weight knitting yarn, tapestry yarn, many other fine yards, and #3 cut strips of fabric (3/32").


Comfortable wooden handle with electropolished stainless steel needle
Size #10 - 1/4" - Fine
28 Page instruction handbook and stitch gauge
Designed by Amy Oxford
Manufacturer money back guarantee

Oxford Wood Punch Needle Rug Hooking Tool #10 1/4" Fine

  • This punch needle comes boxed, complete with instructional handbook, and stitch gauge.  The punch needles have a ~no questions asked~ lifetime time warranty included.

    The regular size needle 9 and 10, can be used with double, tripled and 4 times baby fine yarn up to worsted yarn thickness and can be used with wool strips from a size 3 (rug hooker lingo) and a size 8 cut fabric strip. The loop height is 1/2inch.

    Needles size 13 and 14 used a finer yarn and have a 3/16 or 1/4 inch loop height.

    To figure out which punch hook is needed, 1st determine your fiber to use, then 2nd determine the height of your loops.

    The small the number , the longer the loops. The higher the number, the shorter the loops.

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