We Are Your Local Louet Retailer

The Fleece Factory of the Rockies is YOUR LOCAL LOUET RETAILER! Now you can get LOUET fiber processing equipment and parts from us! Introducing the new Erica Loom! Click below to find out more about the new weaving loom offered from Louet.

Hand Made Peg Looms

Peg looms are specially designed for rug yarn and are available in 24”, 36” and 72” (collapsible). The 72’ is available by special order only! Order yours today! Not sure how to use this loom? Check out our Peg Loom class! *** NEW*** Our peg looms are now available with SMALL pegs for regular yarn use on the looms!

Shearing Tips Part 2

- First consider holding an “Open House” - Shearing Day with prospective and yet “still curious” customers -Education is Key! Shearing time is a great opportunity to market your animals and their product! Once you have gotten the shearing process to a point where you are comfortable and profitable, consider asking guests to join you in your shearing day. This shows prospective customers many aspects of the life of the alpaca rancher. They become a part of the process and they learn so much about the business of owning alpacas. This idea can make or break sales, yes I know, but I would rather they know everything they can about this business rather than learning that they are unable or un

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