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Processing Fiber

HOW MUCH IS IN QUEUE AND WHAT IS THE TIMELINE? We often get these two questions at the mill. There is never a definitive answer to these because it is so fluid, but we can usually give you a guesstimate! Here’s how we make an educated guess:

  1. How much poundage have you checked in and how much poundage is in front of your order?

  2. What is each bag of your fleece going to be processed into and what is each bag in front of you going to be processed into?

  3. What is in the mill being processed at this time and what is its time frame? 4- Maintenance and the unexpected?

So when we look at you with a hesitant blank look it is not that we don’t know the answer to these questions, it’s just a lot to think about when trying to estimate! Thanks for your understanding!

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